Newcomer B Joux shares debut album ‘Lost Time’ and first single ‘No Regrets’


‘No Regrets’ is the first single from the new B Joux album, ‘Lost Time’. It is an intense song about living in the moment - infused with drill and trap influences with a catchy hook and off kilter production makes it an infectious record with great potential. A fan favourite since the release of the project, No Regrets fits perfectly with the title of the album as east London artist B Joux raps about not looking back at past events but continuing to strive for better. The video directed by himself and Amanda Marie Rose is an artistic depiction of B Joux’s return to his best, as he regains control of his own lane with a new sound and energy.

He is an artist that meanders between genres like a seasoned veteran, only be-ginning his journey within music in the year 2016. Cut from the same mould of diverse creative such as Donald Glover, Jamie foxx and A$AP Rocky, B Joux is a visual composer that creates his own concepts for videos and uses his diversity as fuel for his growth and development.

Working on his first major project ‘Lost Time’ a 10 track LP, B Joux has teamed up with east London super producer AB the creator, one half of production duo Wxve96 to co produce the album; enabling them to cultivate new experimental sounds. The new evolved sounds have developed in the studio are a reflection of that, ranging from smooth soul and electric hip hop to hard trap base-lines and uk drill drum patterns.

Check “No Regrets“ video here

Check his debut album “Lost Time“ here

Rachael Bee