#NEWMUSIC | Omo Frenchie - Afro Drill

Peckham-based Omo Frenchie has returned with a new sound for 2019. Inspired by French artist MHD’s ‘Afro Trap’. the Congo-born artist has taken elements from both Drill and Afrobeats (instrumentation, flow and beats) to create a new sound ‘Afro Drill’ for his track with the same title.

With UK Drill being vilified by the UK government and in certain sections of the media at present (which has led to the banning of videos, live events and music), ‘Afro Drill’ acts as somewhat of a celebration of both scenes as Frenchie’s approach is to use Drill as a positive force, both through the lyrics and also by utilising the irresistible dance element of Afrobeats. He explains that “Afro Drill was designed to bring more fun to drill music and remove any talk of gang or violent influence”

The track switches between half time straight up Drill then steps up to full-blown Afrobeats in the choruses, whilst skilfully remaining at the same tempo throughout.

Watch out on Instagram and other social media sites as the #AfroDrillChallenge gathers momentum. Announced on the same day as release, there are dance videos in the pipes from a host of celebs, artists and dance troops.