#NewMusic | Mike Ray ft. Lecs Blvck and IamTerrier - Juice

mike ray.jpg

The latest drop from Coventry based artists Mike Ray, Lecs Blvck and IamTerrier busts the hip-hop fusion doors wide open with latest single 'Juice'.

From Coventry to Colorado and back again, the latest drop from Polish born and England-based rapper Mike Ray busts the hip-hop gaff wide open. ˜Juice’ leans way back on a lazy US beat laid down by 'the Real Age beats (who also provided the backing for Ray's biggest song, 'Bethanny') and sees Lecs Blvck and IamTerrier chipping in on vocal duties, a silky flow over a glassful of not-from-concentrate groove.

Swaggering production straight out of the Post Malone school of atmospherically mellow rap backing,  underpins syncopated syllables on shrink-rap tight verses before the track opens out with a minimal, memorable vocoder-flecked vocal hook for the chorus.

Ray explains the inspiration behind this track: "Me and Lecs freestyled the hook when driving to Liverpool one time, the song came about from there because we were both feeling the vibe. Thats how majority of our songs come about, because I am all about good vibes and energy and when I feel those vibes thats when I am creative and can come up with catchy hooks/flows hence the freestyles."

Find his new single ‘Juice‘ here