#NEWMUSIC | Chapter One by Falana



shares her new EP

‘Chapter One’

Her sound—a vibrant mix of soul, jazz, and Afrobeat—is certainly larger-than-life” VOGUE

Changing the sound of global popThe New Yorker

“A vibrant artist who knows her own mind, Falana seems able to effortlessly mix styles and cultures, reflecting the melting pot that is Toronto.” Clash Music

“The singer-songwriter should undoubtedly be on your radar” Hunger

Chapter One is the stunning new EP from singer/song-writer/multi-instrumentalist, Falana.

The 5 track EP features previous singles ‘Ride or Die’ and ‘Repeat’ plus 2 new tracks “Shine On” and “Give In To You”  produced by Falana and “Get Up” produced by UK production duo, Gavin Holligan & Luke Smith, all mixed by multi-Grammy award winning producer/mix engineer Commissioner Gordon.

Falana, armed with her trademark pom pom braids and audacious sense of style, draws from a broad palette of influences, including jazz, soul, afrobeats and pop on ‘Chapter One’. It is an exceptional collection of tracks from the Nigerian Canadian singer featuring expressive percussion and powerful vocals throughout, as she lyrically tackles themes of empowerment, spirituality, community, love and life.

Speaking on the EP ‘Falana’ said:

“This is just the beginning. This project feels like the first, fresh chapter of what I know is going to be a very exciting journey.”

Falana and her cosmopolitan roots makes her music varied in its influence, but it was Falana’s discovery of soul music, both vintage and contemporary (Etta James, Duke Ellington, Lauryn Hill, Sade, Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse) that helped shaped her influence. A stint in Havana, Cuba, where Falana studied music, learnt to play piano and first started recording, allowed her to explore her artistic voice further and helped shape what we hear today.

It’s this notion of old meets new that threads through everything Falana does whether that be her effortless penchant for fashion or through the genre-fusing music she creates. She sees her work as the intersection of contemporary and vintage, both sonically and visually.