#NEWMUSIC | Kojey Radical - Cashmere Tears Project


Since 2017 when Kojey performed at iluvlive, he has been creating what feels like non stop; whether it be art or new releases. His genre has also been a bit of a mystery and is something he says he “stopped giving a f*** about that in, like, 2015.” It seems this inability to box his work has given him the eclectic freedom he thrives on and Cashmere Tears showcases a range of his best work and music videos.

In 2018 Kojey hit a low point and only put out a few individual songs such as Water (Ft Mahalia) and One Night Only (and still they were incredible songs). He’s come back to the limelight with high spirits and Cashmere Tears feels like a celebration of this!

Check out ‘Can’t Go Back’ below!

newmusicRachael Bee