#NEWMUSIC | Geovarn - MEAN (Project)


We first heard of Geovarn in 2014 when he released ‘4AM’. Since then he was a finalist in the MOBO UnSung and won a 2 single record deal with Epic Records / SONY Music. He’s also release a shed load of songs and music videos since then which has had fans and the media a like draw comparisons with Drake, Bryson Tiller and more recently A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.

He dropped his first full project in 2018 ‘Lost Files 2’ and that consisted of some new tracks and a lot of the Soundcloud classics he had dropped over the previous 4 years which were not singles or had that major label push. Although the project reminded us of the potential of Geovarn it’s hard to gage where he was at with a release full of tracks produced over that time span, some of which, had already been floating around.

Come 2019 and with a renewed focus and discovering a producer called Analogue Waves (who produced Fredo’s Third Avenue) Geovarn is releasing a 19 track project of completely brand new trap soul in its purist form. The North Londoner addresses woman troubles, the hustle and aspirations of coming up. Although none of these topics are new his natural gift for beat selection, hitting unique pockets with melodies on those beats and modern songwriting he brings a fresh approach to quality street music.

There are few singing rappers who have really elevated and pushed the boundaries of melodic rap and made it a force. Think back to Terror Squad’s prime, Tony Sunshine (a singer from the Bronx) was loved by the hood and the female audience as well as blessing street classic by Fat Joe and Big Pun. Moving forward we have had Drake, Chris Brown and Trey Songz all push boundaries with singing and rapping appealing to the masses and the streets. Geovarn is clearly the front runner in the UK in pioneering this and it’s almost criminal that he doesn’t have a bigger fan base or gets more recognition then he does. Hopefully MEAN will be the turning point.

Highlights on the project include, ‘The Boy Is Mine’ sampled, ‘Good Thing’, the trap bounce on, ‘Calling’ and the uptempo club banger ‘Yes’. There are so many tracks on here worth mentioning but definitely check out ‘Always’, ‘Buss That Open’, ‘Throw Sum’, ‘Choose On Us’ and ‘Timing’.

They say R&B didn’t die… it didn’t Geovarn just made took it to the lab, upgraded it, gave it too much sauce and exposed it to a some hard knocks. MEAN is the perfect soundtrack to today’s climate!