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Razor - Losing My Balance | ILUVLIVE

"Losing my Balance" makes for a thought-provoking performance from Razor. The melodic sequence of the beat played by the house-band made the perfect backdrop for the reflective lyrics detailing real life experiences.

Max Stone - Vengeance | ILUVLIVE

Max Stone sings his heart through this tune about revenge and the devil. With his impeccably tight band and vocal nod to blues rock bands of the 70s, this artist is truly one to watch. Fans of any genre will appreciate this near-perfect musicianship.

Joshua Kyeot - Still | ILUVLIVE

Joshua Kyeot can lift an entire room with his raw, soulful vocal and heartbreaking lyrics. This song brought several members of the crowd to tears, and initiated some chorused audience participation in an incredible moment of shared emotional release. It was beautiful, and we caught it on film. Watch.

Olivia Louise - Mr Cali | ILUVLIVE

Assuring us this is a "true story, by the way", Olivia Louise coos her way through this original composition about an older gentleman from California. Sampling Craig David, this composition has a classic garage sound which is characteristic of all Louise's music. This girl is game for a revival.

Fonzie - Bandana ft Magic | ILUVLIVE

Fonzie pulls Magic on stage to perform their classic "Bandana". This one got the audience pumped; rhythmic flow, rich lyrical content, and a deep performance from the house band.

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