The iluvlive Artist Development Programme was born out of a desire to help further acts’ careers via our platform and networks. Each year we select two to three acts to work with and offer our expertise and guidance.

We can assist with:

·      Creating new work and honing a sound

·      Finding the right producers and artists to collaborate with

·      Set up of writing and production sessions

·      Digital health check with do and don’ts and on-going support

·      Performance advice and live bookings

·      Looking at image and stage show set up

·      Organising a live band if required

·      Helping to source a live agent, lawyer and management

·      Release of material on their own or via ILUVLIVE Records

·      Music videos and / or other online content

·      Marketing strategy and devising a marketing plan

·      Finding and paying for the right PR and plugging team

·      How to apply for funding as an artist

·      Creating industry awareness

We have a budget of up to £5000 to spend on what we call hard costs such as mixing, mastering, PR, plugging, tour support, videos etc but most of the what we do comes from the expertise we have as a team and from being able to utilise our contacts to your benefit.

What we ask for in return

In general we ask that if acts put out music during their time on the programme, they release on iluvlive records on a 50/50 deal. However we are always open to working in any way that an artist feels comfortable with. 

We want artists on our programme to become successful. The more acts we help break the better it is for us as a company. We ask for something back because our funding only covers half of our work and we have to generate income to cover the other half. We like to think of it as the circle of support (-:

Current roster..

What’s our track record?

We have also worked with:

The artist development programme is by invitation only but if you think you or someone you work with would be a good candidate email A good starting point is to perform at one our events. You can apply to perform here.